A Joy Poem

Photo by Job Savelsberg on Unsplash

Evening comes close —

With hopeful heart

I press towards the west

Edge of this world

In anticipation

I wish for Sabbath Waters.

Shadows become solid dark —

With smile of joy

I suspend the work

Always filling this world

In preparation

I walk toward Sabbath Waters.

Flickers of candle illuminate —

With thoughts of thanks

I drop robes of whispers

Urgent in this world

In celebration

I enter Sabbath Waters.

Time is nothing in the now —

With mind of peace

I float free in warmth

Separated from this world

In liberation

I savor Sabbath Waters.

Remembrance is a revelation —

With soul revived

I rest from growing weary

Unamazed by this world

In rejuvenation

I wash in Sabbath Waters.

Rich sweetness my wealth —

With satisfied core

I treasure living words

Birthed to love this world

In restoration

I rise from Sabbath Waters.

Photo by Imleedh Ali on Unsplash

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