A pep talk for when you’re sick of the struggle

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

It hits, like angry waves.

You’re not prepared. You feel the sinking. And, it fills your heart, your mind, with a palpable pain.


That “thief of joy,” as Theodore Roosevelt so wisely named it. It is indeed a thief — of light, peace, and rest, as well as joy.

And in the midst of the swell, what can I find to anchor onto?

A remembrance.

“Run, with patience, the race set before you.”

These words, whispered soft amidst the barrage of noise, plastic, glitter, and more, more, always more…these words will rescue.


Move. Go forward.

Running is not staying put, allowing the paralysis to penetrate, the tension to take hold. It is a fighting back, a willing in the soul to not give up.

Run, with patience.

Be patient, with the race itself. It’s not glamour and glory — it’s sweat stain, and hard breathing, and sore, bone-tired body. And, sometimes, you can’t see the reason to keep running. Be patient. You will see it again.

Be patient, with yourself. Because, you can’t be “enough.” Who decided that you needed to be, anyway? No one can put that jersey on you, unless you want to wear it.


Throw it off.

Let it drop. You don’t have to be “enough.” You just to have to be what you were meant to be. That IS enough.

Run, with patience, the race set before you.

It’s your race.


Run it, and enjoy it.

The privilege to run YOUR race, live your adventure, and fulfill your purpose is not given to anyone else.

Only you can run this one.

Run, the one set before you.

There is pain in everyone’s lane.

There is joy, and there is purpose, too. Whatever is in front of you, it belongs to you.

Own it.

Breathe it.

Let it change you, make you, and break you, but don’t ever throw it away. It belongs to you.

Run, your race, friend, and don’t waste your time worrying about whether your race is “enough” — hard enough, fast enough, graceful enough. You’re running, aren’t you?

“It’s fundamental — you never look!” So spoken by a disheartened runner, who had lost his race…by glancing to the side, to watch his competitor.

Don’t look. Not unless you’re cheering them on.

Look at your own lane. Run YOUR race.

Inviting pew-weary Jesus people to embrace + experience their truest identity as beloved through subversive spiritual disciplines. Hope*Writer. Creative mentor.

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