Thoughts on The Artist’s Way twelve-week-course by Julia Cameron

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Here’s what I learned on my first day of MP’s:

-This might not be fun.

I love writing. But, not everything-I’m-thinking writing. I thought of people and places that I’d love to forget, and the idea of putting it down on paper scares me. Or, makes me frustrated, or annoyed, or angry.

-I will probably remember all the things I’ve forgotten that I’m supposed to do.

Within ten minutes of moving my pen across the page, I remembered a two’o’clock appointment that I had totally spaced. It wasn’t on the calendar, in my planner, or in my phone. I hadn’t thought about in days, and probably wouldn’t have remembered until the person I was meeting called to ask if I was coming.

-I need wide-ruled paper

Seriously. It took me a whopping 30 minutes to get those three measly papers done. 30 minutes of precious before-my-child-wakes-up time. Iwasn’t writing slowly, either.

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