Looking at Life through the lens of a basketball game

Photo by Cory Schadt on Unsplash

On the slick-shined court at the local Y, two teams of junior-highers faced off in a battle for the ball.

The air crackled with vibrant energy.

The teams were champing at the bit, and as the referee released the tip-off, the court was awash in orchestrated chaos.

In fascination, I watched from my perch on the hard metal bleachers, and leaned into learning.

Every player on the court had a job.

Every player on the bench had a job.

Every basket made deserved a cheer.

Every basket attempted earned applause.

Clearly, to the players on the court, the hair color, skin color, shoe color, height, weight, or gender of their teammates did not matter — what mattered was that you were on the team, and had shown up to help the team win.

I walked out into the chilly, January air after the game had ended. Scores were of the least concern to me.

I had seen human spirit play out on a ball court in the ebb and flow of energy, the perseverance and passion of the players, and the overthrow of fear.

And I had been reminded: no man wins alone.

Inviting pew-weary Jesus people to embrace + experience their truest identity as beloved through subversive spiritual disciplines. Hope*Writer. Creative mentor.

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