Mary Hood, no problem, I was simply curious. The overall message was sound, and lovely, and a good reminder — I don’t think you are wrong “more often than not.” :) Thank you for sharing.

Simply for conversation purposes, as I hear this is a community that enjoys such things: I often see the Western methods of Bible study to be very assumptive about the text. Most preaching (in America, anyway) is along this line, and so it’s not particularly surprising that this is how we also approach the scriptures in reading and study.

I wonder if this may be because there appears to be an almost desperate attempt in Western thought to pull a lesson out. of. everything. I believe this comes from our deep desire to understand…which is normal, and human, and part of our design. And this is why God asks us to have faith, sometimes, instead of understanding…what do you think?? Do you have any thoughts on this topic?

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