Love Starts When I Know Who I Am

Without security, there’s only fear

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Day //19// of a 30 day personal publishing challenge on identity in Christ

Recognizing who I am in Christ — beloved, belonging, unbetrayed — is life-giving, hope-renewing, and freeing.

But if the realization stops here, it hasn’t fulfilled it’s potential in my life.

My identity is the secure, firm foundation from which I can truly love other people.

If I am constantly unsure of my security in Jesus, I will project my fears about my own standing into my interactions with other people.

Especially other Christians. Our Enemy loves nothing more than to get between members of the same Family and cheat us out of our relationships with one another.

The fact that we don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against darkness that wants to swallow up the light, is such a powerful truth to remember.

If I am unaware of the depth of the grace I’ve been gifted, I will struggle to provide it for others.

I won’t recognize their failure or sin as part of their humanity, but only as their poor choices, their ignorance, their intention to hurt. And I will be quick to cast the first stone, not remembering when Christ shielded me from the boulders of shame and sin, by letting his own body be beaten and bloodied..

Without knowing that I am safe in Christ, I cannot begin to love others well, or as he has loved me.

Inviting pew-weary Jesus people to embrace + experience their truest identity as beloved through subversive spiritual disciplines. Hope*Writer. Creative mentor.

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