Starting with your identity as Image-Bearer is a starting point of hope

Day //3// of a 30-day personal publishing challenge on Identity.

When we define ourselves by our deeds…

When we call ourselves our contributions…

When we summarize ourselves by our strengths…

When we measure ourselves by how we “make it”…

We are settling.

The deeds, the contributions, the strengths, and how well we make it are all touched with some shade of something that we cannot control. Unpredictability. Instability. Transient change.

We cannot define ourselves by only our output. Someday, the output may cease. Someday, what we give may no longer be received.

Someday, we may file into rank with the forgotten.

We need more than what we can do to define who we are.

If we start with who we are, instead of what we do, then we can hold onto hope.

What we do can be waylaid by health, financial difficulty, emotional pain, or inability.

But who we are never changes, and we are nothing less than Image-Bearers of the Almighty.

This constant remains, no matter how much tragedy or privilege we experience — no matter how many times we reinvent ourselves — no matter how we age.

In a world where only seeing is convincing enough for belief…open your eyes.

These faces, each different, unique, and of deep worth, reflect the soul of a Master Artist.

There is hope, here. Hope that transcends cultural divisions, racial barriers, societal limitations, and the hurt that tears us apart.

There is hope — and unity — to be found in being an expression of Divine workmanship.

Inviting pew-weary Jesus people to embrace + experience their truest identity as beloved through subversive spiritual disciplines. Hope*Writer. Creative mentor.

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