Do You Know…That I Love You?

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

This pain, it hurts

this life, it’s wrong

this hour, it’s lost.

Do you know…that I love you?

The sky, it’s empty

The moon, it’s black

The stars, they’re falling.

Do you know…that I love you?

This anger, it strangles

This sorrow, it stabs

This despair, it defeats.

Do you know…that I love you?

I give up.

Get back up.

I am lost!

I have found you!

I’ve tried…

Try rest…




…I love you.




…I love you.

I am safe?

You are safe, and secure.

I am known?

You are known, and accepted.

I am loved?

You are beloved, forever.

Know…that I love you.

One day, in a season of struggle, I drove down the road in silence. I asked God, out loud, “God…what do you want to say to me today?”

Instantly, he said this, as clearly as if it had come through the stereo: “I love you.”

That moment will never leave me, as long as I live. This piece is a picture of that conversation, and a reflection of my thankfulness to him.

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