human learning how to be | once upon a tweet, I was challenged to define my social bio by who I am, vs. what I do. So, that's what I try to do.

I'm a human, learning how to be—how to be present, how to be in relationships, how to be myself, and in my own body.

poet | took me 30+ years to realize that my words belong best under the banner of poetry. I'm a contributor for Winters Never Last, a collection released in June of 2022, by David Tensen & the Poetry Chapel™ Collective.

The majority of what I release these days on Medium, Instagram, and my website is poetry.

coach | specifically for writers, poets, and creatives. I help aspiring authors and wordsmiths navigate doubt & overwhelm to build a soulful, tailored strategy for sharing their work with confidence.

I get the overwhelm that comes from the blurring speed of the internet, and the crushing pressure to create for profit. I also understand the courage it takes to treat your work with professionalism, and to pursue your writing dreams. I can help you take the next steps in your writing journey.

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