A Ramble on Pressing Pause

Busy, busy, busy bee, that’s me. This time of year is especially intense, amidst holiday recovery, new habit building, and return to routine.

Hitting that button with the double lines in life? Hard work.

Sometimes, in getting life all organized and automated, I forget to live it.

One of the clearest truths about healing is this: it requires time.

To pretend it doesn’t is to cheat myself of the lessons to learn, the emotions to experience, and ultimately, the good gifts to be found on the other side of the valley.

In light of the need to truly live, I find myself pausing more often. Making a hot drink in the middle of the day. Sitting quietly, in the morning, and just thinking. Letting the dishes and laundry lie undone, in order to remind myself that my productivity does not define my worth.

Giving myself permission to simply observe and savor, rather than produce and perform, is for me one of the catalysts of soul-health.

If healing takes time, then that means you take time to heal.



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