A Blessing For Those Who Walk Through Cancer

May the path you walk bring healing.

Healing of every kind.

May the hands that touch you move gently,

And with intentional compassion.

May your heart always hold room for Hope.

May God feel your friend, your advocate, your father,

for you are not forsaken.

May you find contentment,

even when you cannot find answers.

I pray that the families to whom you belong

— by blood, or faith, by friendship or calling —

grow to understand what you most need,

and give it, wholeheartedly.

I wish you courage that can look fear in the face,

and still walk forward.

I wish you freedom from pain

— and an understanding that the pain you do experience

can make you powerful.

I will you to feel zero shame, for anything.

I wish you friendship in surprise places.

May you sing, in the middle of the darkness.

I pray that you may find thankfulness, and joy,

In every small, good thing.

May you always be warmed, from your soul to your skin.

May your battle be won.

For a friend.



clarity + strategy + creativity for writers | poet | #writing coach Free guide: 5 Powerful Questions for Coaching Yourself https://amandadzimianski.com/wip/

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